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All you need to know about planning your next park development

Whether you are a landowner wanting to diversify into the leisure sector or you have an existing holiday park looking to expand or change of use, when installing Victory leisure homes and lodges, you’ll need to think about planning permission.

With our associated dedicated team at Benson Planning Studio on hand for advice and support, we ensure your experience is seamless.

One-to-one guidance

This dedicated team will meet you at your site/park, where they can discuss your proposed scheme and provide you with invaluable advice to determine if the project is viable and if it should receive the necessary support from your local Council.


If you are just starting out and are about to begin an exciting new project, together we can help take your proposal to the next level. By assessing various factors such as the nature of your scheme, the scale of the proposal and how we believe it complies with both Local and National Policy, we will formulate a report that can be used to consider the feasibility of your project. Once we have assessed your project, we can work together to prepare a Pre Application Submission, this will help you gain invaluable insight and feedback from the Council as to whether they would support the application.

Considering that many first time applications are located in open countryside, where new development is more contentious, we feel that this is an essential process for first-timers. Following the feedback, we can determine the most appropriate way to move forward with your proposal.



Established Leisure Parks 

Even if you are an existing park, you can still reap the benefits from a Pre Application Submission. The submission serves as invaluable guidance for the planning stages and it’s a great opportunity to gain feedback from your Local Council.

Alternatively, we can submit a full planning application which would require the submission of detailed plans of your proposal with written documentation to support it.

In-house support

To ensure that the proposal is properly managed, we complete all planning and architectural aspects in-house. As a Hull based, UK operating Planning Consultancy, Benson Planning Studio has extensive experience in the leisure and tourism sector, both at public and private level; so you can rest assured that you are in great hands.

Equipped to provide you with professional planning and architectural advice, they have a proven track record and can assist with all aspects of the project, from site appraisals to feasibility studies.

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