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This month we speak to Allannah Harraway, our Senior Interior Designer and Visualiser to find out how she brings our holiday homes and lodges to life, what she loves about Interior Design, what inspires her, and how she relaxes in her free time…  


What inspired you to pursue a career in interior design?


My dad has always been my biggest supporter, encouraging me to follow my passions. Since childhood, I've had a deep love for art and constantly found joy in drawing and creating. I remember spending hours crafting shoe box houses with tin foil mirrors, and as I grew older my grandad would let me decorate his spare room for my cousins and me to play in. From an early age, I knew that interior design was my calling. With my dad working in the building industry, he arranged my first work experience at a secondary school, where I had the opportunity to assist an interior designer. She took me to Ikea for the first time, and the rest is history...


How did you find yourself in the holiday home industry?


After graduating from university, I started working in the decorative department at B&Q. While searching for a full-time role in the industry, I realised that there weren't many opportunities for domestic interior designers in East Yorkshire. As someone who values the comforts of home I knew I didn't want to move too far. So I explored possibilities in the leisure industry - luckily Hull is the holiday home manufacturing capital of the UK so I didn't have to look far! I landed a position as a Concept Designer at a manufacturer and have steadily worked my way up to becoming head of the department.


Why did you join Victory?


In a nutshell, it was their vision. They strive for constant improvement and their eyes are firmly set on the future. At Victory, innovation is at the core of all homes, and that's precisely what drew me here.


Which Victory home is your favourite, and why?


At the moment, my favourite home is the Bower. I absolutely adore its apartment-style layout and the use of natural colours and finishes. After plenty of revisions and tweaking, we managed to create a versatile space suitable for couples and families alike. The twin bedroom can easily be converted into a double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, and the amount of storage adds to its functionality. In terms of lodges, the Franklin was a joy to work on because it's so luxurious, but the Faraday holds a special place in my heart. It was the first home that represented a true collaboration between myself and our other designer, and I particularly love its modern neutral colour scheme and incredibly comfortable sofa. That said, there are some exciting projects on the horizon, so my preferences might change very soon!


What are the biggest challenges you face in interior design?


It's always challenging working to a set budget (have you ever been let loose in Ikea?!). But I see this as an opportunity to think creatively and find solutions that can recreate an expensive look within a cost efficient manufacturing environment. It keeps me on my toes and encourages me to explore alternative approaches


Where do you get inspiration from when designing a holiday home or lodge?


A solid foundation for inspiration is understanding how the space will be used and who the target audience is. I also love travelling which plays a significant role in sparking my creativity. I always capture photos on my phone of things that catch my eye, whether it's inspiring furniture, captivating colours, or intriguing design elements.


What are some aspects of your role that people may not be aware of?


Interior design isn't just about creating exciting spaces. You have to manage a budget, challenge suppliers, liaise with departments across the business from CAD to production line, and presenting your new concepts to customers. No two days are the same which is why I love it so much!


What advice would you give to aspiring interior designers?


Discover your own unique style and embrace it wholeheartedly. Don't simply mimic the latest trends you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Instead, find what truly inspires you—your favourite colours, intriguing finishes—and create physical mood boards. Immerse yourself in materials, textures, and let your creativity flourish.


How do you spend your free time?


I really enjoy traveling, especially impromptu city breaks. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Venice, where I discovered my newfound love for Aperol Spritz and fell in love with Italian design. You never know, you might see some of my inspiration in a future Victory home…


If you weren't an interior designer, what would you be?


My ultimate dream would be to run (and design!) a bed and breakfast in Greece, living the Mediterranean life I've always dreamed of. Oh, and having a vineyard attached to it would be the cherry on top!

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