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Get a SoCozeee Sleep With Victory Leisure Homes

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It probably won’t be news to you that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so getting a comfortable night’s sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. Sleep is probably more important to you than ever when you’re relaxing in your holiday home! That is why we have created the unique ‘SoCozeee’ mattress – an A-Class mattress to help you get a better night’s sleep. Here are some great reasons you’ll love the SoCozeee mattress:



The 14 gauge Bonnell spring unit design (5) is proven to provide great physical support and provides a medium level of firmness. Our Bonnell spring unit is reinforced with a frame (6) at the top and bottom providing structural stability and support, and ensuring the mattress keeps its shape by preventing the edges from sagging with use. A Bonnell spring mattress is also more lightweight and easier to turn than other types of sprung mattress.


The SoCozeee’s upholstery consists of two specially designed layers on both sides. With heavyweight 1200g duo pads (4), and a high-quality 900gsm rebound cotton felt (3), they provide the ultimate in support, comfort and insulation. A high-density layer provides strong support and a softer layer provides comfort.


Finished to perfection, the SoCozeee has a decorative quilted hourglass cover (1) which contains an additional 10mm foam pad (2) and 4oz fibre for further cosiness and cushioning. This provides a smooth, flat finish – known for being much more comfortable for sleeping on then a tufted surface.


Socozee Mattress Cut-away View 1/2. Quilted Hourglass Cover with 10mm foam and 4oz fibre
3. 900gsm Rebound Cotton Felt
4. 1200gsm Duo Pad
5. 14 gauge Bonnell Spring Unit
6. Bonnell Spring Unit Frame
7. Foam Corner Support


All this combines to create a thick, luxurious mattress that will ensure you get a SoCozeee sleep every night that you spend in your holiday home. Exclusive to Victory Leisure Homes, the SoCozeee mattress is available as standard in many of our models, or as an optional extra in others.


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