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Get your leisure home winter ready with our handy tips

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Here at Victory Leisure Homes we have put together some advice and tips on staying in your holiday home over the winter season; however if you’re not staying in it over winter we’ve included some tips about re opening it in the spring.


Using your home during winter

The first thing to remember is to check your park’s winter opening dates and times. In the UK, holidays parks usually close over the winter months (i.e. November to February) so it is important to remember you might not be able to stay in your holiday home at all over this period. If you are lucky enough to be on a park with a year-round licence then you will be able to enjoy a winter break whenever you like.

When using your leisure home or lodge over the frosty season, it is likely you will be using the heating and water facilities. As wells as the obvious benefits, this also has the added advantage that it is decreasing your risk of pipes freezing. However it is still important that you read your insurance policy and follow any requirements they have to protect your leisure home in cold weather – that way you can avoid invalidating your insurance or warranty.

Please be aware that certain leisure homes might not suitable for use in the winter months, and must be vacated during this time. Leisure homes that are made to specification EN1647 are designed for leisure accommodation and so might not have the necessary features needed in the winter, such as extra insulation or central heating. Leisure homes and lodges which are built to Residential Standard BS3632 will have everything necessary for winter use and can be used for the full year. If you don’t know what specification your Victory leisure home has you can find out here, but you will also need to check with your dealer for the full specification of your individual model, as it may still have the winter facilities it requires as extras.


Re-opening your home for Spring

If it is an unusually cold winter, it might help to lubricate door hinges and window locks with a dab of petroleum jelly or WD40, to ensure that they do not freeze shut and they open smoothly for your return! This is also a useful tip for those who are spending time away over the winter season.

If you are only away from your holiday home for a few weeks over the exceptionally chilly time of the winter months, we recommend leaving the heating on low to prevent any frozen pipes for your return, which could potentially cause unexpected costs.

It is also important to make time to do a ‘winter clean’ before leaving your holiday home for a few weeks. We would especially recommend a good sweep/vacuum because food crumbs that have been missed could easily entice pests or vermin into setting up home while you’re away! We recommend making sure your caravan has had a full ‘spring clean’ before you leave. It is also recommended that any food that you wish to leave behind will keep for a long time and isn’t easily accessible.

Condensation can often be one of the main problems in the colder season, so it is recommended that you place bowls of salt around the caravan, focusing on areas around the windows, which should help reduce any potential damp within the caravan.  

If you would like to read further on staying in your caravan over winter and re-opening your caravan for spring, please visit this website for more information.

If you do use your home over the winter season we hope you have a wonderful time in your Victory Leisure Home!

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