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Leading Holiday Home And Lodge Maker Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

Peter Nevitt, Managing Director of Vicotry Leisure Homes

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Victory Leisure Homes – one of the industry’s leading lodge and holiday home manufacturers – is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

The business was established following the closure of Cosalt Holiday Homes in March 2009 at Cosalt’s former site on Stoneferry in Hull.

Backed by the Rix Group, Victory started life with 27 employees making around 250 holiday homes each year.

In 2012 it moved to a bigger site in Gilberdyke to accommodate expansion, and now employs almost 200 people who make around 1,100 holiday homes and lodges.

Managing director Peter Nevitt has led the company since its inception and has driven its ongoing success.

Peter has more than 42 years’ experience in the industry and as well as heading up the company is responsible for overseas sales, a role which has been made even more critical with Brexit on the horizon.

He said: “Ten years ago my phone rang, I picked it up and Tim Rix, chief executive of J.R. Rix & Sons, was on the other end. The Rix Group owned the land and factory that Cosalt operated from, and there was plant and unfinished holiday homes on the site.

“Tim rang to ask me if they could be finished and sold and I said they could. That was the original plan, just to finish the holiday homes off that were half built, but we didn’t stop there. We created a whole new company from that site, and a whole new brand.

“It’s been a lot of a hard work but it has also been a lot of fun along the way. It seems to have gone very quickly.”

To coincide with the company’s 10th anniversary, Victory is launching a new model, the Rimini, at retail shows in Manchester, Scotland and Birmingham.

Although not strictly an anniversary model, the Rimini harks back to the days of Cosalt, which had a successful model of the same name, but the new version has been transformed with a thoroughly modern interior.

Peter said: “The Rimini is a classic model from the past that we’ve reintroduced because it had a very popular layout.

“Of course, as you would expect from us, we’ve given it a whole new look and feel and brought it right into the modern age. We think the trade and public alike will love the combination of nostalgia and modern design.”

Peter added with spring just around the corner, he was looking forward to the next 10 years at Victory Leisure Homes.

“We’ve got exciting growth plans for the years ahead, both organically and potentially in other ways,” Peter said, “so we’re looking forward to a busy future.

“These past 10 years have been fantastic, but they really are just the start. We’ve got many more holiday homes and lodges yet to build.”

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