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Take a sneaky peak at our new 2017 range of lodges

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Here at Victory, we have been working hard to create a new range of Lodges that we are proud of, and as we are just doing the finishing touches and starting to take photographs and prepare our brochure for the launch, we couldn't help but want to give you a sneaky peak of some of our photos!

The photos on the right show one of the models we will be launching shortly - the Versailles - which will be available in a 2 or 3 bed option.

If you want to be the very first to see the rest of the new range you will need to come and see us at the Cottingham Parks Lodge and Caravan Show starting on 3rd September 2016. The new range will be ready to launch online soon after that - so keep checking back on the website. In the mean time you can still see last year's models on our website here.

As well as showing our new range at the Cottingham Parks Show we will aslo be taking our new Parkview CL 40x20 2 Bedroom to the Beaulieu and Westpoint exhbitions - find out more details here.

Our 2017 collection will consist of 16 lodges with a choice of 13ft, 16ft or 20ft widths - presenting new versatile features and colour combinations. Each model has a different design inspiration introducing new ideas, not only for style, but for practical and comfortable living. Our approach is discreet yet elegant with natural tones and modern colours designed to work together. Add to this an extensive list of appliances and features and you will see why all of our lodges are truly luxurious.

When the 2017 range launches it will include the following models:


Parkview 40x16 2 bed
Parkview 40x16 3 bed
Parkview 29x20 2 bed
Parkview 36x20 2 bed
Parkview 40x20 2 bed
Parkview 40x20 2 bed CL
Parkview 41x20 3 bed
Parkview 46x20 4 bed


Versailles 40x20 2 bed
Versailles 41x20 3 bed


Monaco 41x13 2 bed

Monaco Duo

Monaco Duo 40x20 2 bed
Monaco Duo 41x20 3 bed


Provence 40x20 2 bed
Provence 40x20 2 bed CL
Provence 41x20 3 bed

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