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Victory Leisure Homes set to emerge from COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever before

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Despite ongoing disruption in the holiday home sector due to COVID-19, leading manufacturer Victory Leisure Homes is continuing to invest to achieve operational efficiencies.

The company recently took possession of a bespoke gang nailer – a device used to attach together the wooden joists needed to make lodge and holiday home chassis.

Made by Point Engineering in Hull, the gang nailer brings significant efficiencies to Victory’s production line by increasing the speed at which chassis can be produced.

The £50,000 investment is the latest move in an ongoing strategy of innovation and modernisation at the Gilberdye-based manufacturer and will help support future growth.

Managing director Gary Corlyon said although the gang nailer was a relatively modest investment, it was part of a bigger picture that would see the company realise some ambitious goals.

He said: “At Victory, we’re on a mission to go from traditional and safe to contemporary, luxurious and innovative.

“To achieve that, we’re looking at every part of the business from the way we design our products, the innovations we can bring, and the way we manufacture, to the way we engage with customers. Nothing is off limits.

“The gang nailer is a small but important part of that process. It helps us manufacture more efficiently and that is one of our key routes to growth.”

As well as the gang nailer, Victory Leisure Homes is also creating a safer environment for its staff to work in.

The company has built its own turnover rig for holiday home and lodge roofs, to reduce the need for manual handling, thereby minimising risk.

Roofs for holiday homes and lodges are made upside down in a V-shaped jig and need turning over to be finished.

This used to be a manual process, but with the new rig in place, it is now controlled by hydraulics.

Gary said: “We invented a beadless roof to go in our latest model, the Lakewood Lodge, but because of the improved build quality, it is heavier than our previous roofs.

“Therefore, we had to find a new way of turning the roofs over. We thought about buying a rig but then realised we had the skills to make it ourselves, so that’s what we did.

“The results are great. Between this and the gang nailer, we’re using this time of disruption to make significant improvements to our factory so when we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll emerge stronger than ever before.”

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