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Victory Relocates to Continue Growth

Peter Nevitt(left) & Rory Clarke outside the new Victory factory The new Victory factory taking shape The set-up team are happy with their new home

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Victory Leisure Homes is moving to a new factory in Gilberdyke, on the west side of Hull, to accommodate future expansion plans.

We have been searching for an alternative to our Stoneferry base for some time and had even considered purpose-built premises before the Britspace site came on the market (modular buildings firm Britspace, went into administration last year).

The Rix group has now completed a deal to buy the factory and land from the administrators for an undisclosed sum, and work to move plant and machinery to the new premises has got underway.

Peter Nevitt, managing director of Victory Leisure Homes, said the factory at 8000sqm is bigger than our present home, better laid out, more energy efficient and has better access to the motorway network.

He said: “This move is about safeguarding the future of the business. We have been working at full capacity in our present factory for some time and have been looking to find somewhere new as we could not satisfy demand, particularly for caravan holiday homes in the UK. Now we will be able to expand both our caravan holiday home and lodge-making operation, continue the progress we have made and exploit all the opportunities both in the UK and throughout Europe.”

The company is looking to start full scale production at the site from April 1st, 2012, three years to the day after it was initially set up on April 1st, 2009.

Rory Clarke, director of J.R. Rix and Sons, said we could not have found a better home for Victory even if we had one specially constructed.

“Victory Leisure Homes is a real success story,” he said.

“It was founded during the worst chapter in the caravan industry’s history but thanks to excellent leadership from Peter and his team it has achieved the steady growth to become a recognised and trusted brand in this country and abroad.

“This move represents the evolution of the company and one that I am confident will lead to further, long lasting success.”

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