A Christmas holiday home glow up

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas lights, treats by the fire and time with the people you care about most – and if that time will be spent at your Victory Leisure Home, you’re going to want to know how best to bring that all important Christmas sparkle into your celebrations.


Let there be lights!


The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to getting cosy at Christmas time – and if you’re anything like us, you just can’t have enough fairy lights on at this time of year.


But forget about fairy lights being just for the tree – think creatively about where a set of small lights could be used for extra sparkle and warmth. Wrap them around a candle inside a lantern, drape them over your fireplace or hang them around a curtain pole.


Our interior designer Allannah says, “Stick to a warm yellow glow and you can’t go wrong. Leave the multi-colours for the New Year’s party!”


Get hands on
A festive table setting that’s easy to make and inexpensive


Gather cuttings from a holly bush, forage some pinecones on a winter walk, get creative with a clever napkin folding technique like this one from Instructables, add candles and personalised crackers for the perfect backdrop.


Sustainability tip: These personalised crackers from Not On The High Street offer a talking point to any dinner table, you can add party games and treats personalised to each person. Plus, they’re zero waste, so no cleaning up and can be used for years to come.


Naturally sourced handmade decorations


Handmade decorations have come a long way from snowflakes and paper chains. This year will be the year we see hand-made decorations taking a simplistic, nature-inspired route. These trends work especially well in your Victory Leisure Home where the natural tones work in harmony with the colour schemes. Here you can really let your imagination go wild.


Make a fragrant garland from dried oranges and figs, enlist the younger members of your family to paint a festive message or picture on some rocks, or create a petite tree from sticks you’ve picked up on your walks. Whatever you create is sure to become a real talking point for your guests over Christmas.


A festive swap-out


An easy way to change up your interior design for Christmas is to pick a theme to switch up your soft furnishings to over the festive period.


Choose a colour scheme that suits you and your home, pop to your local B&M or Home Bargains and find cushions, sofa throws or bedding sets that bring an easy touch of festive glamour throughout your Victory home for the winter.


And what’s even better is that when you switch it back, you’ll get the fresh new feeling all over again.


Look for a tree that’s green in more ways than one


When it comes to Christmas trees, green is the colour that usually springs to mind. But increasingly, people are opting for an environmentally green tree that ticks all the boxes: looks good, costs less, and, importantly for leisure home life, is easy to store so you can use it again and again. 


There are a growing variety of greener options available now, including this one made by Hull-based firm ReWorked that we showed off earlier in the year. Or you could go for a real tree – the carbon footprint of real trees is less than artificial ones, and with different size options, and rental or potted ones to consider, there’s one that will fit your Victory Leisure Home and make it green in any colour.

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