On the line with Sam Radford

With a safety first mentality and a keen eye on manufacturing efficiencies, we sat down with Operational Improvement Manager, Sam Radford, to find out what he has planned for Victory and what he loves about working here.


Where did you begin your career in operations and how did you end up in the Leisure Home industry?


I first went to college to study electronics before starting an apprenticeship within the leisure home industry. Working across multiple production line, I stayed for seven years before moving into the quality team at a coach manufacturer. After five years, the leisure home industry was calling me back and in 2017 I joined Victory. The rest, as they say, is history! 


What brought you to Victory?


I was offered a manufacturing engineering role - a newly created position that appealed to me for lots of reasons. The scope of the job description, the personal development, and the safety first approach - I couldn't say no!  One of my first tasks was to create an employee safety system which is still something I keep a close eye on six years down the line. As well as the specific aspects of the role, the 4-day working week was a huge bonus and the work/life balance this gives me is priceless.


Describe what a typical working day looks like for you


My role is incredibly varied so no two days are the same. Since becoming Operational Improvement Manager last year, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in all areas of the business. Typically, I oversee our health and safety, operational efficiency opportunities, and the facilities across our numerous sites. My role is flexible by nature but I love it because I get to speak to everyone and make the biggest impact.


How do you overcome challenges in your role?


The pace at which Victory is growing is a massive, yet incredibly exciting, challenge. I have to stay in-the-know about new legislation to make sure every member of our team is safe when they're here - and that team has tripled since I started. Not only have we grown the number of people at Victory, but each department always wants to try something new - which isn't a bad thing. It just means I have to make sure I'm as knowledgeable as possible so that I can answer any questions they might have - whether that's on cost saving, waste management, or new contractors. 


What else do you want to achieve whilst working at Victory?


I've already achieved one of my goals which is a testament to the development opportunities that are available at Victory. I now have three people in my team and I want to be able to create the same opportunities I've had. I was the first employee to work within manufacturing engineering now we have three. The pathway to manufacturing engineering isn't a route that's been travelled before at Victory so I'm excited to help carve out the future.  I wouldn't mind studying for a postgraduate degree and with our new in-house Learning and Development team, the opportunities for more professional training are endless.


Which is your favourite Victory home and why?


It's got to be the Parkview. As an engineering geek, I love seeing a home come to life using our revolutionary Novus manufacturing technique. It’s so structurally sound, and so quiet and cosy, it feels like you're in a bricks and mortar home. It's spacious, and everything has its place - I wouldn't mind taking my family for a holiday in one… 


What do you get up to in your free time?


With a wife, three kids and a dog my free time is busy! I used to play rugby when I was younger, but being a family man has taken over so I’ve taken a seat on the bench watching my son play rugby instead. I do invest a lot of time into improving my grip strength and it's really helped with my mental wellbeing, especially when the going gets tough. I suppose it's like a grown-up fidget spinner!


What is your biggest life achievement?


I played amateur rugby league since the age of eight and stopped at twenty five, but in that short time I got to travel the world. As well as globe trotting, getting a degree whilst raising a family was a huge achievement and something I’m incredibly proud of.  

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