Sweet dreams are made of SnooVe

We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so a high quality mattress is essential to our sleep health. 


Available as standard in our lodges, our SnooVe mattresses contain multiple layers of body-hugging fabrics and supportive springs that provide ultimate comfort while you sleep. After a busy day at the beach or an adventurous hilltop hike, you can slumber soundly on a SnooVe mattress.


At the heart of SnooVe, there’s flexible springs which adapt to your body. Wrapping around the springs are multiple layers of plush, soft and cosy material to maximise warmth, wicking, ventilation and cooling.


Our SnooVe mattresses will make sure you’re as comfy as can be, but it’s not just our high quality mattresses that will help you get enough zzz’s. We sat down with Yorkshire GP Dr. Carruthers and asked him how to get the most out of bedtime…


Why is sleep so important?


Dr Carruthers: Our understanding of why sleep is so important is increasing and we know that a good night's sleep has many benefits.


The benefits of a good night’s sleep include: 


  • Improving the effectiveness of your immune system
  • Reducing blood pressure and inflammation
  • Reducing stress and anxiety levels, helping to reduce or avoid depression
  • Helping weight loss due to its effect on the hormones which control appetite. When you are well rested you tend to be less hungry


How can we sleep better?


Dr Carruthers: To get a good night's sleep several factors need to be considered:


  • Avoid stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks from 6pm
  • Avoid alcohol - although it makes you drowsy, it makes for a poor quality sleep
  • Avoid digital screens at least two hours before bedtime - the blue light from the screen stimulates the brain to stay awake
  • Check your bedroom environment - change your pillows every couple of year’s maximum and your mattress at least every 10 years for optimum support
  • Make sure the bedroom is cool and well ventilated
  • Make sure the room is completely dark and quiet – invest in blackout or room-darkening curtains to keep light out
  • Have a strict routine – aim for the same bedtime each night and your body will soon get into a natural night time rhythm


Getting to sleep can be a struggle sometimes – can you recommend any ways to help?


Dr Carruthers: If you struggle to get to sleep don't panic – try the following:


  • Lie quietly and concentrate on your breathing. 
  • Breathe in through your nose to a count of seven and out through your mouth to a count of eleven – it may take practice. 
  • Concentrate your mind to focus on the sensation of air going in and out. 
  • Try not to allow any other thoughts to intrude on the sensation of your breathing.


You will find this technique remarkably effective and also useful if, like most people, you wake during the night.

As well as our SnooVe mattresses, our interior design team carefully consider other finishing touches that help you relax in our homes. From calming colour schemes to ultra-comfy seating, from reading nooks to ambient lighting, you can switch off from the world and wind down with ease.

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