Coronation party ideas fit for a king

Fly the Union Jacks, hang the royal bunting and put on a spread fit for King Charles – the biggest party of the year is upon us.


The country is making final preparations to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III. While crowds along the route, between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, are expected to be dozens deep, millions more will be celebrating in a little more comfort.


Many will be heading away to their holiday home to mark the country’s first Coronation in 70 years – giving them the ideal scenic spot in which to mark the historic occasion. If you’re hosting Coronation celebrations, here are our top tips to wow your guests.


Colours to celebrate the best of Britain


Union Jacks will proudly fly down The Mall on Coronation day and your décor should reflect this. Red, white and blue should dominate any spread – quite rightly – so try not to deviate too much from this tried and tested theme that has represented our country for more than 400 years.


More layers than a royal wedding cake


There’s nothing worse than a one-dimensional table, where the contents of a fabulous spread are reduced to looking like a child’s birthday party. Add an extra level of intrigue to your royal spread by using tablecloths, cake stands, candles and flowers to elevate its look. By adding different heights and textures, it creates a feast for the eyes, as well as a feast for hungry mouths.


Banish the ordinary


Why not try some simple tweaks to some old favourites to get your guests talking? At the time of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, the triangular sandwich ruled – but not anymore. Try creating square sandwich stackers by cutting your sandwiches into small squares and then layering them on top of each other, finally finishing them with a skewer to hold them together.


Similarly, try building on the Coronation classic – the Victoria sponge – by doubling it to four layers to build in some elevation and a little extra indulgence or adding Union Jack-coloured fruit like blueberries or raspberries to give an extra splash of colour.


Variety is the spice of life


Make sure to provide options for your guests. In 1953, it was probably Coronation chicken sandwiches all round but tastes are changing and there is more clamour for alternatives such as meat or gluten-free. Likewise, provide alcohol-free options alongside your Coronation cocktails or Champagne to give guests more choice.


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