Interior design trends to look out for in 2023

Our expert team of interior designers have seen a shift in design trends over the last few years. Read on to discover the design trends to look out for in 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your space. 

Natural balance

Using the bare essentials to highlight the importance of health, well-being and comfort, naturally balanced design is easy to recreate. Think clean lines, light interiors and a neutral colour palette. 

Beige doesn’t have to be boring! It suits a minimal home with light wooden features perfectly. We’ve brought beige back in our Faraday lodge, which we’ve styled with bold Aztec prints, wooden textures, and fluffy throws and pillows. 

70s revival

Maybe the most exciting comeback of 2023 is 70s revival décor. On the catwalk, olive green has been all the rage for some time. We’re now looking forward to making use of this colour in our homes. With warm browns, gold and red tones, the rich colour palette will instantly add warmth to any space. Using curved corners, geometric shapes, and bold, playful prints, you can really express yourself. So be brave and make your home pop - and dig out your old flairs which have also made a comeback!


It’s time to bring out your inner Andy Warhol! Vibrant, primary colours have powerful effects. Red grabs your attention, blue is stimulating and calming, and yellow is energetic and friendly. Use these colours to your advantage and fill your creative space with splashes of blue, and your home gym with bursts of yellow. We’ll be writing another blog on the psychology of colour and interior design soon so watch this space…


Our final top tips


  • Once you’ve got an idea for the overall look of a space, you can start to think about finishing touches like taps, accessories, and textures. 
  • Cork and dark woods are soothing and welcoming, relaxing to the eye and hard wearing. Cork and woods work nicely with house plants and wall art to soften the space.
  • Marble is incredibly elegant and can be used in every room of the house. It works well with white and grey decor, but you can also add a statement marble chopping board to a colourful kitchen to add a touch of luxury. Whether you prefer minimalist or maximalist design, marble looks great whatever the decor.  
  • Brass can be used to make anything look high end. Taps, pendant lights and drawer handles may seem like small details but they can make a big difference. A touch of brass can change the feel of a whole room. 

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