On site with Jimmy Kassim

This month, we speak to Jimmy Kassim, our popular groundskeeper, who knows everyone and everything. He's been here for over 12 years and knows the factory inside out - here we find out more about his life at Victory and what makes him tick.


What brought you to Victory?


I first started here way back in 2010 when Victory was just starting out – I found a job advert for the production line and took it. Since Gary Corlyon, our MD, joined around 6 years ago, I moved off the production line and started a new role as a groundskeeper. It’s crazy to think that I’m coming into my 13th year because I remember my first week like it was yesterday…


What does a typical working day look like for you?


At the start of the day, I go round the full site to ensure that it is tidy and, most importantly, safe of any potential hazards. I have a passion to make sure that all areas of the site are presentable – that can be sections of the production line, the exit and of course, the showground! If everywhere is tidy, I’m happy and it's a good working day.


What do you like most about working here, there and everywhere at Victory?


I get to see the workings of each department and have a great relationship with everyone. I see most people on the site every day and the conversations vary, so it makes the day go by much faster! It also keeps me nice and fit – because I’m usually needed all over the site, I walk around 10 miles each day.


What do you look forward to coming to work every day?


I love getting to work and having a nice cup of tea before I start my shift. I also really look forward to just simply saying hello to everyone in the morning – it brightens my day and I hope it brightens theirs.


If you had to own one of the Victory homes, which one would it be and why?


It would definitely have to be the Lakewood. Not only was it the product that revolutionised the way we produce our homes with Novus technology, but to me it’s the one that really feels like home. The Lakewood has a special place in my heart!


What’s your proudest accomplishment?


I’d say it would be my long service at Victory – there’s been some dark times but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I love it here more than ever and I’m proud of what I’ve done for Victory.


What do you do in your spare time?


I love to travel with my partner – I’ve just returned from a 3 week holiday to Turkey and plan to get some more travelling in next year. I also like days out in the great cities that Yorkshire has to offer such as Leeds, York and Harrogate. When I get chance to stick my feet up, I like to watch documentaries on wildlife and modern history.


If you were offered to go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go and why?


I’d choose Socotra, a little island off the coast of Yemen. I’d go on one of the camping holidays that run on a weekly basis and backpack around the whole island. I love the sense of adventure. Not many people have heard of it either so it sure would be a unique experience and I’d have loads to talk about when I got home!


Everyone loves your dance moves, where did you learn them?


Oh it was way back in the day, in the 80’s when break dancing was becoming a big thing. I’d watch TV, films and it was all self-taught. I can’t bust out some of the moves though, I’m getting a bit too old for it now!


If you could be any animal, what would you be?


I’d probably choose to be a rabbit – I’d have big ears so I could listen, and I could just hop off into the wild with no worries whatsoever!

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