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We’ve partnered with author and creator of Instagram sensation @_myfirstmeals Grace Mortimer to create a recipe collection specifically designed to keep children’s brains active!


Incorporating quick and simple recipes that are easy enough for children to lead on in the kitchen, the new collection means that children of all ages can practice a range of different skills whilst helping to increase confidence.


Grace said: “Whilst I first started creating simple, fuss-free recipes as a way to make sure my son ate enough fruit and veg, now we love spending time in the kitchen together. Sure, we make a mess, but he loves cooking; he’s more interested in food, and more likely to eat a meal that he’s helped make.

When it came to developing the collection with Victory, it was important to design recipes that would use ingredients that are easily accessible. Keeping it simple means that the kids can get involved, exercising their fine motor skills to create a meal for all of the family.


Families can also download a shopping list for children to tick off as they collect ingredients from the local supermarket.


 Shirin Kemp, marketing and PR director here at Victory, said: “There are lots of easy ways to keep your child’s brain active – and having fun in the kitchen is a great activity to do together.

“Cooking combines a variety of skills, from time management and concentration following a recipe, to measuring ingredients improving maths knowledge and supporting healthy eating habits.”


Recipes in the collection include tasty tortilla sunshine pizzas with avocado and a fried egg sunshine centre, alongside a mouth-watering sausage and leek risotto that’s full of flavour for all of the family.


All of the recipes have been designed to work in any sized space, making them perfect for cooking with the family whilst on a break in a holiday home or lodge. 


Shirin added: “Essentially, cooking together encourages families to spend quality time together, while also providing the opportunity to make food 'fun’ for children. Here at Victory, we’re all about family – we’ve been creating holiday living spaces for families for more than 10 years - and there’s nothing quite like sitting down together to enjoy a homecooked meal.


Download the recipe collection here

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